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2013-Nov-22 - Le touch data line classification

Common Le touch USB data line

There is no central control chip, must be inserted on computer recognized mobile phone line, cheap price. The typical models: Samsung CDMA series, D500 series E398 series V3 series; Motorola, Nokia DKU2; NEC; N720; Siemens 65 series and so on.

The USB data line with IC

With the central control chip, the chip type 2303, 2101, 3116, need not insert mobile phone computer will recognize line, due to a IC price is 10 yuan, so the price is not expensive with IC. The data line work principle of belt chip is USB to COM, the USB interface into the serial port on the computer display.

The typical models: Samsung E638 series, D418 series, N610 series; NEC; Siemens 25 series, 55 series; Sony Ericsson mobile phone data line; Panasonic mobile phone data line; lenovo mobile phone data line etc..

A special Le touch USB data line

Popular chip non ordinary, special type chip dedicated such as: DKU5, CA42, DCU11 etc..

Note: we don't make the mistake of thinking quality with IC good, quality without IC, with or without IC is based on the actual application models of mobile phone to production.

From the manufacturer to the classification

Factory original; domestic brands of domestic non brand.

1, factory original: direct production by mobile phone manufacturers, or provide material commissioned a manufacturer of OEM, marked with mobile phone brand, the best quality, the most expensive.

2, domestic brands: data line has its own brand, also printed on the packaging manufacturer's address and telephone number, the more formal, good quality, low price, such as the full USB data lines, data lines.

3, no brand: no label manufacturer and brand. The data line is divided into 2 categories, the first data line is a professional exporter of foreigners, no need to put Chinese brands, the line is through quality, price is lower than the domestic brands line, the highest price; second is a line, the price is very low, the quality is poor, they buy can be careful, please select the more reputable sellers to buy.

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2013-Nov-20 - SOMiC electrostatic headphones SOMiC Headset
Suspended diaphragm fixed by two metal plates ( the stator ) to form an electrostatic field, the electrostatic headphones SOMiC Headset amplifier must use a special audio signal into a voltage signal of several hundred volts ,
Although electrostatic headphones SOMiC Headset has many benefits , but this technique is only pronunciation unit rests in the hands of the few manufacturers , the market price of electrostatic headphones SOMiC Headset basically are in the million or more. It is worth mentioning that our headphones SOMiC Headset enthusiasts , WINNY own developed China 's first set of electrostatic headphones SOMiC Headset, China has become the headset SOMiC Headset milestone in the history of the development headphones SOMiC Headset.
Headphones SOMiC Headset to show the development of wireless and noise reduction toward development . Wireless headset SOMiC Headset to use more freely , with the development of technology, wireless transmission technology matures, ensuring wireless headset SOMiC Headset sound quality. Another reason is the popularity of mobile music capabilities and Bluetooth wireless transmission technology was born, SOMiC Headset Bluetooth wireless headset is rapidly developing.
With the city 's noise pollution is getting worse , for outdoor use ordinary headphones SOMiC Headset earplugs, only overshadowed by the noise to increase the volume , so that not only can not enjoy the wonderful music of their own hearing had a great impact . The emergence SOMiC Headset noise canceling headphones , a good solution to this problem.
Active noise canceling headphones SOMiC Headset, has a noise reduction , noise reduction, using the voice of Mike collected the outside world , and issued to offset the opposite sound waves play a role in the noise . There is a growing health care for themselves in today's noise-canceling headphones SOMiC Headset better in the outdoor music , but also to ensure the health of the ear , is the future direction of development SOMiC Headset headset . Active noise canceling headphones already SOMiC Headset designed specifically for travelers headphones SOMiC Headset, with wireless , noise reduction and high-quality features , Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX , can provide up to 10 hours of music listening .
Science and technology can only rely on radio signals to transmit information and convenient , so the mobile phone radiation is inevitable. Phone is a very strong source of radiation , particularly astonishing power of the mobile phone connected to the moment , the long-term people frequently receive calls even sudden death . Since the radiation intensity and inversely proportional to the square of the distance , so keep a distance to prevent the application of mobile phone radiation which is most effective. Radiation Headset SOMiC Headset adult basic principle is pulled from the brain and cell phone , contrary to this principle can not really play the role of radiation .
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2013-Nov-19 - The actual test Huawei phones

We put the wireless charger to prevent the battery compartment Huawei phones according to the method of S3 and the same, on the back cover, to have a look whether can realize wireless charging effect.

The actual test for Huawei phones wireless charging failed. Perhaps the positive and negative S3 and Huawei phones contact pole position is not the same, after all, a contact on the left and one to the right. But we will wireless charging receiver were placed, still unable to wireless charging, but can only give up to buy a mobile phone charger and two wireless charging.

Then the electric second official website found specifically for Huawei phones wireless charging kit, specialize in, everyone still according to their own models to make a purchase. But if there is no sale for the receiver, it can have several support wireless charging the mobile phone for wireless charging.


Through the test, we found that, for supporting the Qi standard mobile phone electric second the third wireless charger can be compatible. But if there is no wireless charging receiver of the mobile phone to touch of luck. W9300 specifically for the S3 design, so although contact external structure and Huawei phones are very similar, but still can not achieve the charging function.

The third wireless charging low prices, strong compatibility, in the future there will be a very good market prospects.

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2013-Nov-18 - YuanDao Tablet games: compatibility experience comfortable
The overall strength of the game is to show the best performance of the tablet form , we also selected four current mainstream 3D games to test YuanDao Tablet N90FHD 's comprehensive strength.
And with the FPS test software to get their game picture frames that can help you better understand the game running performance .

YuanDao Tablet YuanDao Tablet N90 Quad FHD Review
FPS test data displayed on the screen above the

Four games are modern warfare 4 , Need for Speed ?€‹?€‹17, NBA2013, real football 2013 , Need for Speed ?€‹?€‹17 games with NBA2013 chose PowerVR packets , the other two games is the use of common data packets.

Game Test Results
Product name picture frames picture effect control experience
Modern Warfare 4 ??… ??… ??… ??… 33 ~ 42fps ??… ??… ??… ??†
Need for Speed ?€‹?€‹17 ??… ??… ??… ??† 43 ~ 50fps ??… ??… ??… ??…
NBA2013 ??… ??… ??… ??† 36 ~ 37fps ??… ??… ??… ??…
Real football 2013 ??… ??… ??… ??… ??† 21 ~ 22fps ??… ??… ??… ??… ??†

The table above shows for everyone YuanDao Tablet N90 Quad FHD in this four -game overall performance . From the compatibility terms , PowerVR series GPU texture format support as comprehensive and the vast majority of games on the market can provide good support, but Need for Speed ?€‹?€‹17 and NBA2013 some of the special effects scenes in YuanDao Tablet N90 Quad FHD did not show out ; screen fluency aircraft in modern warfare 4 picture frames even exceeds the real football 2013 , but the actual experience does not see the difference ; YuanDao Tablet N90 Quad FHD gravity sensor is very accurate, very Need for Speed ?€‹?€‹17 easy to adapt , while two touch better degree of optimization , there was no drift or do not recognize the phenomenon .
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2013-Nov-15 - THL smartphone CPU performance test

AndEbench (AndEMark Native and AndEMark Java are divided into two grades)

AndEBench is a 2012 release of a software, which provides an assessment of the Android platform performance, to test CPU and Dalvik (Dalvik virtual machine, Android system is in a Android device software, responsible for running the application and is therefore one of the main part of the whole Android) performance, and the comparison of different equipment for local and Java performance of different. This software can also prove that the multi thread performance of a platform, the final run points to the machine pre installed application execution efficiency (AndEMark Native) and the third party application installed separately the execution efficiency (AndEMark Java) two aspects.

THL smartphone 5000000 pre +5 inch IPS large screen ThL T3 comprehensive evaluation software and hardware configuration are upgraded ThL T3 beyond the comprehensive evaluation

ThL T3/ThL T3 beyond AndEBench scores

THL smartphone Linpack has become the most popular for floating-point performance test of a high performance computer system benchmark in the world. By using the high performance computer, elimination method for solving a N once dense linear algebra test Gauss, floating-point performance evaluation of high performance computer. The relative computer, Android mobile phone version of the Linpack software simplified relative to some, the latest version contains only a single thread and multi thread two test. As the name suggests, the processor computing power is stronger, the higher the score, the dual core or multi-core processor future advantage, in a multi-threaded test to reflect, the test results to floating point operations per second (Flops) are given.

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2013-Nov-15 - EDIFIER Headset explain directory

Article 1 common sense

2 types of brand

Article 3 Classification

3.1 moving coil

The 3.2 magnet

3.3 electrostatic

3.4 electret

3.5 Wireless Cordless

Article 4 measure

5 development

5.1 wear modes

The 5.2 type is rich

Article 1 common sense


The headset is portable stereo headphones, now for the more and more requirements of differentiation, according to different occasions, choose appropriate headset has become a symbol of fashion life. Mobile phone earphone is divided into two kinds of standards: OMTP standard is commonly called GB, CTIA is known as the international standard.

Transducer means in accordance with their classification, mainly include: dynamic mode, moving iron, electrostatic and magnetic type. Classification from the structure function method, can be divided into semi open and closed. From the wear form classification is ear, ear, ear and head. Classification from wearing the number is a single earphone and multiple earphone. The difference from the source, can be divided into active and passive earphone earphone; active headset is also often referred to as card headphones.

Article 3 Classification

The headset is according to its driver (transducer) types of classification and its wear mode.

Moving coil type EDIFIER Headset

Moving coil earphone is the most common, the most common earphone, the drive unit is basically a small moving coil loudspeaker, a voice coil permanent magnetic field driven diaphragm vibration connected. Moving coil earphone efficiency is high, can mostly be driven headphone output sound, durable and reliable. Generally the greater the diameter of the drive unit, the earphone performance more prominent, the driving current in class consumer earphones in maximum diameter unit as 50mm, is a flagship circumaural headphones.

The magnetic type EDIFIER Headset

Magnetic earphone driver is similar to the plane loudspeaker shrinking, it will diaphragm voice coil embedded in the light plane, like the printed circuit board, can make the driving force distribution. One side or both sides of the magnet is concentrated in the diaphragm (push-pull), the vibration of the vibrating diaphragm in the magnetic field. Such as magnets earphone diaphragm without electrostatic earphone diaphragm as light, but there are also large vibration area and similar sound, it is not as good as the moving coil earphone efficiency is high, not easy to drive.


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2013-Nov-11 - Lenovo A630 is more suitable for professional users and tourists

To tell you the truth, for an ascending shooting experience accessories, 699 yuan is a little expensive. But through the depth of the trial, stability can be very good promotion when shooting I feel the handle and the Lenovo A630 body.

The first is the handle and the Lenovo A630 are connected with good stability, almost without any equipment shaking phenomenon. In the right hand palm rest rubber design part is very close, can effectively increase the friction between the hand and the handle, so as to ensure the shooting a picture of higher quality.

At the bottom of the Micro USB socket

Intelligent mobile phone at the present stage in camera technology has been close to or even beyond the part of card camera, but considering that it itself is a mobile phone, so portability and maneuverability will also tend to be more portable, precisely because of this consideration that photo intelligent machine has become a powerful but the hardware experience of cross-border products. But apparently, Nokia launched the shooting the handle can effectively make up for the lack of this.

Equipped with two section type shutter button

Finally, the author tests on some common problems are. The results show that, with the original mobile phone photographing key equipment handle Lenovo A630 on the shoot button connection is very accurate, completely not key inaccurate. As with a capacity of 1020mAh mobile power supply, the handle can also be Lenovo A630 filled with about 50% of the electricity, although compared with some large capacity mobile power supply gap, but for emergency is enough, more and more the meaning of existence itself is in improving the shooting experience.

For this 699 yuan accessories, in fact the author gave the advice is, if you're accustomed to using micro single, or some SLR camera, then you are using the Lenovo A630 when the handle will be necessary, in addition to those users who like to travel, go to the battle-front without any burden, buy the handle can also play shoot two hawks with one arrow effect (comfort + emergency charging). But for ordinary consumers, the price of 699 yuan is a little too.

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2013-Nov-10 - Lenovo K900 Basemark X (score the higher the better)

Basemark X is the only game based on the real game engine Unity4 professional evaluation software, specifically, Basemark X is to design load according to the present and even the future 3D game usage, can test equipment in the high state, Basemark X is a major test of game content, including particle effects, advanced lighting effects and after treatment, GPU performance can be mainly for hardware test.

Lenovo K900 Basemark X game graphics and fluency experience test

While the front to be arranged Benchmark software, but would still be with the actual experience of difference; but do not rule out some models according to the running optimization, so the Benchmark reference after the test, the lower half part of the performance test will focus on the experience. First, we use a large game recognized the processor platform high performance requirements of actual experience tests, in addition to the effect of contrast, we will later on to explore the different platform works.

Firstly, we use "Citadel" with Epic in Benchmark, this game uses unreal engine to achieve, not available to play only provide demonstration; performance of the built-in Benchmark allows us to test GPU in the most close to the real game scene conditions. The final numerical performance in the same frame rate FPS, the game is divided into low quality, quality, the highest quality in several file.

Lenovo K900 Basemark X is the top platform, nature won't open the gap at low quality and quality gear above, five kind of platform two quality gear all close to 60fps full frame; the highest quality while running up have no pressure, all platforms in 30fps above, but the gap is obviously the -- the Xiao Long 800 with Exynos 5410 lead, while the other three platform at a similar level.

Next we use more close to the actual use of the way, "asphalt 8" as a test game. Unified scene for the race, the map of Monaco, models for the Bugatti Veyron, all of the same results of acceleration device; a race average picture frames. (Intel platform without available FPS tracking software, so there is no score)

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2013-Nov-10 - Photograph: Amoi A920W outdoor color difference / controlled noise force similarity

Because the Amoi A920W and the Sony NEX-5N cannot set contrast at the same pixel mode, the maximum we respectively take their effective pixels, Amoi A920W to 4:3 ratio maximum pixel value is 38000000; Sony NEX-5N in 3:2 ratio maximum pixel value is 16100000. Both were shot in the automatic mode. In addition to the night shoot link, flash are in off state.

Filming for the day Beijing weather slightly fog, so the two devices shooting effect will inevitably have some discount.

Outdoor proofs contrast link, Amoi A920W and Sony NEX-5N shot out of the sample color reduction effect is obvious difference. The general feeling, two tone 1020 a warm more; Sony NEX-5N exhibit cold tone more; after all, different users for outdoor set aesthetic in different ways, some people like the color saturation slightly higher; others prefer proofs more close to the real. In addition to the proofs layering to control Amoi A920W performance is more outstanding, some local details are clear, and the overall in the light than the Sony NEX-5N more adequate. In the backlight when shooting, the two devices also did not appear to have any partial color phenomena.

In contrast to the outdoor clearer when shooting two devices to control the noise, the proofs were 100% local details amplification. Exceeding one's expectations are, Amoi A920W and Sony NEX-5N proofs details amplified definition is very similar. But in the shooting stability, Sony NEX-5N is better, because we see local amplification of Amoi A920W after the slight deficiency phenomenon, but in the global sample piece is simply to look not to come out.

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2013-Nov-6 - ZTE Nubia Z5 1300 pixels high


ZTE Nubia Z5 Xiang Sugao system smooth good quality is the Nokia's consistent style deeply morale


In addition to post as the head of the whole hardware level is not high is true (see personal preference)


The 1 front like the head too low as domestic but also Samsung ah actually to Nokia's strength is easy. Why not do it 4100 pixels high but the front is very low bit cop-out. 2 in a WIN8 system without a good movie player compatible windstorm image sound is good I am using 920 see RMVB HD Movie ah / 3 ZTE Nubia Z5 refueling ah hard. I will always support you

- Yu pure on ZTE Nubia Z5 Reviews

Do you think this comment: reasonable 28 doesn't make sense 16


An278000404:== forward to so high a hairy you buy the monkey king? The most important function of pixel front is actually a video call you so high you to death


13766677314:ZTE Nubia Z5 is our faithful partner.


Single name @ Ghost: you really want to take pictures, turn over a body with 41000000 that will not ah, a front facing camera is a video calling and self OK, Nokia's hardware configuration is the real deal, 1200000 pixel must be better than domestic 1000 blocks within five million pixels


You said no to love me. : I feel a little expensive some access to at first I guess. 4000 ocean I believe everyone will be accepted.


52lumia: in fact, many people do not have pre.


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2013-Nov-5 - Lenovo K900 GPU performance sub test

With the growing popularity of video games, in recent years, the performance requirements of GPU is no less than the simple mode of CPU nucleus number, so the GPU part, we study the content; from the basic performance test for GPU which can be seen, the weight is not given by different platform for pixel filling and triangle generation the total balance of 5410, Exynos PowerVR SGX544 MP3 has the highest pixel filling efficiency, and triangle generation efficiency than Xiao Long 800 Adreno 330 and Tegra4.

GPU pixel filling and triangle formation

GPU pixel fill rate (score the higher the better)

GPU triangle generation rate (score the higher the better)


Then we use Futuremark from the 3DMark version of Android, Android and iOS version of the 3DMark through IceStorm and IceStorm Extreme two to load the scene equipment graphics processing ability test, graphics processing ability of each scene by two animation test of GPU, another animation is used to detect CPU physical rendering capabilities, total score graphics in GPU test more proportion.

In general, large proportion of both "cooperative development", Qualcomm's Adreno 330/320 are still outstanding, especially in Adreno 330 best, ordinary scenes leading Tegra4 or PowerVR SGX544 MP3 320, Adreno 1/2, limit scene achievement is nearly two times the performance of GPU platform.

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2013-Nov-4 - HUAWEI Mate the use of experience


1, high resolution; 2, video format; 3, a high on my screen rich interface requirements


Although the 4.1 systems, but always feel no apple fast system response!


The price of 999 words that is very good

- bitan921 HUAWEI Mate quad core version comment on

Do you think this comment: reasonable 1 doesn't make sense 28


Yishengyiju: you this is what ah, Q79 official price 899 yuan gave holster. Now out on the price, Taobao directly on the 879 there are gifts


The use of experience


The 1 resolution good 2 high-definition camera 3.CPU good 4 firmware has solved the problem of high prices down 5


At the battery quickly is common not OK, the key is to see how you treat. Anyway, I used 2 months, no problem


If on the Internet, watching movies and listen to music

- zhangou7 HUAWEI Mate quad core version comment on

Do you think this comment: reasonable 3 doesn't make sense 4


Had no water, Xian's in: pre 200W, post 800W camera is also called HD? Battery life is really not ah.


Yishengyiju: test engineers found the certain manufacturers, because the machine is began in March R & D, that time is almost.


Hggaole: fuck this machine has just listed you can use two months. Do you..


Please control in the 200 Chinese characters

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2013-Nov-3 - Lenovo A706, starting 3 days

Lenovo A706


Dual card dual standby, low price, Quad screen response speed, good appearance, similar to the Samsung S3, is cobblestone shape, the back of contrast color design is unique, only in the HTC of several models appeared, RAM capacity is large enough, play some games is very smooth, no card, meal phenomenon, also has built-in music store, safety, power saving, Le Le Le Le speech, synchronization, eggplant fast pass function software more practical, save the download software, application of Kung Fu, in general are good.


It is not without shortcomings, mainly is the battery is not durable capacity 2000mA, dual card dual standby, day phone an average of 10 or so, occasionally playing games, brush micro-blog, basic at around 9 p.m. no electricity, so want to start with the friend must prepare mobile power supply.


Lenovo A706 this mobile phone in general personal feeling lets the human quite unexpectedly, did not expect the Chinese now have level of good to do so, and 1499 of the price of cost-effective personal feeling is very good, since it seems Chinese can support!

Starting with the April A7061499


The appearance of fine, with half a year or not afraid encountered particularly great, after all, intelligent machine with multiple functions, a little flaw! Sound quality of music is good for QQ!


Occasionally don't react fast enough, a black screen appears, press frequency screen keys on the back, the battery is not durable, lower right button and sometimes ineffective, QQ information sometimes sent half a day out!


This price, domestic association does not require too much, comfortable on the line!

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2013-Oct-31 - 41 million pixel N1020 Smartphone appreciation

N1020 Smartphone
Today I bring you an experience together N1020 Smartphone photographic effects, more thorough exploration of Nokia's ProCam applications. First set three different lighting environments , namely low light , bright light and shade . Thus to test the N1020 Smartphone photographic ability, and manual control of Nokia ProCam application speed , flash settings, white balance, focus , ISO, and exposure compensation. With Nokia Lumia 1020 capture mode , resulting in a maximum photo size and sampling for the 34MP to 38MP 5MP mode photos, we offer these two images , so you can check the difference .


Generated 34MP to 38MP photos megapixel mode sampling photos

Then you can install the Nokia camera handle, very portable , operate freely. For insight into film work , while to others , take a look at the Nokia Lumia 1020 photos.

Scenery chapter 1

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 2100 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1695 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1266 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1471 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 826 seconds
2 scenery articles

Scenery chapter 2

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /60 sec.

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1695 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /120 sec

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /60 sec.

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 2370 seconds
3 People articles

People articles

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1195 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1570 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1695 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /60 sec.
4 leisure articles and night

Leisure articles and night

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 16 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 637 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 1923 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 40 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /4 sec.
5 more beauties

More beauties

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 3226 seconds

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /120 sec

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /120 sec

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1 /120 sec

Aperture : f/2.2 ISO: 100 Shutter: 1/ 148 seconds
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2013-Oct-30 - ZTE Nubia Z5 HDR and independent focus

ZTE Nubia Z5

Shooting proofs

First to try the HDR function. HDR is the High-Dynamic Range abbreviation, meaning "high dynamic range", can let the high light, the shadow part automatically adjust the picture, let the details more clearly. When users shoot light than the larger work, reduce the light than the high light exposure, however, darkened not owe aeration. Open HDR, ZTE Nubia Z5 will keep the original and HDR version of photos.

Below is a sample, click to view original.

Normal mode proofs

Open HDR, the shadows become more bright details more clearly

The next trial independent metering function. The proofs we on the central eye of photometry, processors in a processing photos to central illumination conditions as the value standard.

For metering of central eye

The proofs we left pole doll feet for photometry, due to the dark, with its light will cause the whole picture brightens. As you can see, the shoot out and compared, the shadows become bright, the light becomes more bright, but the overall noise is also obvious. In this regard, we can according to different light conditions, to achieve the effect of different light shooting in the shooting, creative freedom considerable.

On the lower left leg by Photometry

Below is a high light conditions. The scenery so Zhang and panoramic mode proofs. Photo pixels panorama shot out of the 2216*456.

Landscape photos

Panorama mode

The use of experience: when taking a relatively large heat, power consumption is also relatively fast.

Through the above proofs of shooting, we can know, Nubia Z5 is strong in the photograph function, independent metering catch SLR cameras, photo effects with cards as a shoot out, it can not card machine.

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2013-Oct-27 - Ulefone U650 Advanced articles Andrews

Ulefone U650
Get ROOT permissions
Empty garbage android phone system
Default program changes (home style changes can use this method):
WIFI wireless network settings
CMWAP Internet settings
Android streamline
While hanging two QQ
Andrews using laptop wireless internet

Glossary forgotten by the moon
**** Hidden Message *****

Touch screen calibration
**** Hidden Message *****

Software Installation
**** Hidden Message *****

Uninstalling the software
**** Hidden Message *****

Ring setting (cold)
**** Hidden Message *****

Contact import method:
**** Hidden Message *****

Switch input methods:
**** Hidden Message *****

Ulefone U650 mobile add remove desktop icons and plug-ins
In order to facilitate a lot of people would choose it their common application software on the phone desktop. So how you want to use the icon on the desktop it?

First, we find an own hands frequently used software click on it and then the screen will jump to the main screen interface to release the handle on the line

Is not it simple? In fact, delete the desktop icon and plug-ins too long press the application until the feeling of shock appeared on the table and click on the icons to the trash icon or plug it disappears
On U disk mode
**** Hidden Message *****

Well, here, Ulefone U650 Andrews basic operation we have mastered. The ability to turn over the pages of settings, familiar with the Calvary function bar.
And other familiar Andrews, you begin to truly play machine bar. Beginning from the second floor, to further the understanding and Fun Andrews. Stay tuned...
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2013-Oct-26 - What does this mean ThL W300

ThL W300

Half a screen on the card

Cool W300 has spent half a year now appear Card screen slide the screen a few seconds on the card, they can use later on how to deal with the sliding another card

----- Mortal 020508yun small cool W300 Review
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NO.1-Wu Ge Review

Candidates [50 Experience] Candidates

2 days almost scrapped

It looks good

Too much can not do anything to open a machine did not open too long N UC Browser entered into a herd books paddled paddled out to see a card set up their own pockets to put off points are also put off the table for a long time

Nothing is rotten rotten rotten rotten phone wasting such a good appearance

----- NO.1-Wu Ge small cool W300 Review
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xiayizhantb Review

Parameters good, do not know how to price

3G phone, 4.0 system, the appearance looks good, do not know good hand feeling

This configuration, basic operators mainstream market, depends on how pricing.

Pricing out, then check whether the parameter is worth starting....
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2013-Oct-25 - Ramos W20 Small cell phone articles

Ramos W20
I am nine years old birthday, my father gave me a birthday present - a beautiful box . With colored ribbons wearing , hidden inside what ? Must be great ! I hurried dinner , can not wait to open the box , check it out ! Box with a layer of foam , plastic beneath a layer of gold paper , a small size of the phone in front of me , I am pleased to have suddenly jumped down from the bed .

I have this little phone has a big slap in the face , like a dark chocolate . I asked my father what function this phone , my father said: " You can not look at it phone body is small , but the feature is quite strong , this phone is a mobile company kijgb heart tablets and telecom companies jkgy heart tablets and body-centered films, in the basement there are three two- cell signal , it has a private system , the password system, satellite navigation system , etc. . "

Ramos W20 is rectangular , it's ringing large screen displays the word is also great, very suitable for the elderly to use his front and back are black middle Bose, feels very comfortable. His weight is not heavy two eggs , and no one lifted up . I am talking about is not bragging , in the basement can take ordinary mobile phone race with .

This small cell phone may have a role , I have improved a lot after this phone , you can call me what happened to my father , there is also a tone ring tones , Dad put me harm done : the bell at 7:00 am called as if to say : " a bed , get up ." 7:00 ling sound again called if to say: "Job done right, finish your homework yet ? ." So my life, learning becomes organized, this little phone has become an indispensable learning life friends .

I love you, my friend - the small size of a small cell phone.
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2013-Oct-20 - National conscience machine



I bought 2 bought his own colleagues used a hair, as you said. I don't have???? I feel very cool, 1080P screen, I didn't film that hardness, playing the game is also very good, did not you say card ah of what, read a Book Watch webpage quickly, mainly 2GRAM I think value for money, 6589T I think that CPU can not ah, you said is not good,


Drawback is that GPS star search is a bit slow, but this I according to the method of forum people have solved, is actually very simple, battery, but there is no 3000, but can be disassembled, buy a piece of the gyroscope navigation, because I don't use, so didn't test


Value for money. 1 years does not change the mobile phone, the price value.


The camera can also, is the vision shine out amplification and fuzzy, is my scene mode? The screen has a slight leakage, but does not affect the use, who is nothing to see.

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2013-Oct-17 - Note N7100 for business people is the best choice

Note N7100
GALAXY Note ?…? measurements for specific dimensions of 80.5 ?— 151.1 ?— 9.4 mm and weighs 180g, see its comparison with the previous generation , physique as great , but the thickness has decreased, compared to the more light, the body looks more slender. Battery capacity is increased to 3100 mAh , and can remove the rear cover to replace the battery , battery life greatly enhanced, while supporting dual card dual standby function, these advantages need for business people who travel frequently , it is undoubtedly a perfect choice. Because the machine offers oversized touch screen and handwriting functions , it is also suitable for those who feel a touch screen tablet size is too large , and despise ordinary smart phone touch screen size smaller ordinary users.
In fact, from the Samsung GALAXY Note ?…? comparison with GALAXY S3 can also be seen , GALAXY Note ?…? performance GALAXY S3 really want to go beyond a lot, but because it is relatively new product, so the price may be more expensive. So for the pursuit of the ultimate performance is not configured for friends , for now GALAXY S3 is still very cost-effective advantages . Although Samsung GALAXY Note ?…? expensive price of some unacceptable , but as the flagship of Samsung's latest generation of smart , powerful performance and the large screen is worthy of our own this product . So for those of liquidity for large -screen phone want friends , GALAXY Note ?…? would be a good choice.
If only small series from GALAXY S3 and Note ?…? choose , I might be more inclined to S3, Note ?…? for me is too big . In addition, from portability considerations , Note ?…? too large stature can not put my jeans pocket , which for the user's mobile phone security and protection is a test, the total can not hold it all the time . Although a 4.8 -inch screen is also a large-screen phone S3 , but relative to the Note ?…? huge body, or more suitable for users to carry. But often see young girls on the street also use Note or Note ?…?, seem arrogant, indulgent, so if you are used to put the phone in a bag , then phone bigger does not matter.
So if you still miss the resistive screen era handwriting operation , while reluctant capacitive screen good touch experience , then GALAXY Note ?…? believe will provide you with a balanced choice. However , if you are not interested in the pen , but pay more attention to cost-effective to buy mobile phone , then as GALAXY S3 such traditional phone may be more suitable for you.
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